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Medical FAQ's

Who will carry out the assessment?
One of our highly trained doctors will assess you in relation to your accident.

How long will the assessment take?
The assessment should normally take 10 – 20mins, depending on the accident circumstances.

What does the examination consist of?
Our medical expert will ask you a variety of questions relating to the accident. They need to know the accident details, any injuries you may have sustained, affects the accident has had on your home or work life. They will then carry out a quick assessment on you to check how you are recovering after your accident.

What should I bring?
You will need to bring in 2 forms of photo ID to the appointment, if you fail to do so you will not be seen by the expert. If you were provided with an appointment letter you will also need to take it along with you.

Can I take someone in the room with me?
Yes, you can take in a friend or family member in to the appointment with you for support.

What’s the next step?
Once you attend the medical examination, our doctor will complete the medical report and submit it to your insurer/solicitor to continue with your claim.

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